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Jessica Allen

Jess Allen (@jessieraeallen) is excited to be returning this season as The Social's digital correspondent and looks forward to writing more stories for the show's website on everything from food, films and books to science and history. (Read the latest Jess Files right here!) She will also appear as the fifth chair on Fridays alongside The Social/em>'s co-hosts and whenever else anyone tells her to.

Before joining the team at The Social, Jess was an assistant editor at Maclean's, where she wrote arts- and culture-related stories for the website and magazine. Her Toronto International Film Festival coverage in 2011—her first time reporting on the festival—earned Maclean's a nomination at the National Magazine Awards, which, coincidentally, Jess and Lainey co-hosted in June 2015.

Following the completion of a master's degree in the history of art at the University of Toronto, Jess spent a year in Florence, Italy, working as an art-history teaching assistant.

After work, Jess maintains FoodieAndTheBeast.org, a relationship blog that masquerades as a food blog. She also pens a Metro column every Friday, My TV Dinner, in which she free-associates between two loves: food and film.

She currently lives in Toronto with her partner of 12 years, Simon.


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