Should you be expected to be silent during the movies pre-show?

I expect general silence in a movie theatre. Once the lights are dimmed and the trailers start playing, I don’t want anyone talking -- to me or around me. No comments, no jokes, and especially, no conversations.  

But is that to be expected for the movie pre-show – those 15 minutes before the movie where advertisements are played on loop?

That’s the question one movie-goer is asking Miss Manners, an etiquette advice columnist for The Washington Post.

The advice-seeker describes showing up to a movie with a friend, 20 minutes before it is expected to start. They start chatting during the advertising-heavy pre-show and were told to be quiet by an older couple in front of them.

“We complied, but I was startled, as I thought it was acceptable to talk until the trailers began,” the movie-goer asks. “Is there now an expectation of silence for the half-hour presentation before the trailers?”

Miss Manners’ response? There is no expectation to be silent during the pre-show.

“A theater is not a library.”

Do you agree? Do advertisements before movie features require silence? Chime in on Facebook and Twitter, and take our poll below!
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