Morris Chestnut talks 'The Enemy Within'

Caitlin Connelly/The Social
Morris Chestnut has starred in countless films and television series from The Call with Halle Berry to appearing in American Horror Story’s first season.
Now, Morris is starring in a compelling spy thriller that forces two rivals to put their heads together to catch a greater enemy.
The Enemy Within follows Jennifer Carpenter as Erica Shepherd, a  former CIA operative who is now known as a notorious traitor and is serving a life sentence in a Supermax prison. On the other hand, FBI Agent Will Keaton, played by Morris, needs Erica’s help tracking downa fiercely dangerous criminal that she has a history with – and wants to bring the enemy to justice herself.
Watch in the clip above as Morris gives the hosts a sneak peek at the show and tells us what we can expect.
The Enemy Within premieres on CTV  during the spring of 2019.
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