​And the next Social Chapter selection is…

Fierce, funny, suspenseful and energetic – trust us, you’re going to find There There, Tommy Orange’s debut novel, impossible to put down. 

Critics and casual readers alike are raving about this masterful novel from the up-and-coming author, with some even claiming it’s destined to become a classic. And fellow novelist Colm Toibin called it  “sweeping and subtle… pure soaring beauty”.

There There is a multi-perspective, multi-generational story that presents a powerful image of a corner of America to which many have not been exposed: twelve urban Native Americans living in Oakland, California travel to the Big Oakland Powwow for their own reasons but their journeys converge and eventually resolve in an explosive climax. 

Orange has also been praised for constructing complicated three-dimensional female characters: some of the novel’s most intriguing moments are described by the Globe and Mail as centring around Blue, a woman who has decided to remain in an abusive relationship. 

This edition of the Social Chapter promises to not only be an incredible story that provides an unflinching look into the hearts and minds of beautifully detailed characters but also thought-provoking in its brazen criticism of colonialism and historical racism.

We’ll be discussing the novel during the week of Aug. 13 so grab a copy and let’s find out for ourselves why There There has everyone talking. 

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