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If you’re recently engaged or thinking about getting engaged this year, you’ll soon find out just how much planning and preparation goes into your special day. You need to think about everything from the food and the flowers, to the venue and the invitations. Event planner, Rebecca Wise, has shared a few of her favourite wedding trends for 2016.



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The Pantone colours of the year are Rose Quartz and Serenity so we’ll be seeing a reflection of this in all of our weddings. We’ve seen a lot of pink in the past few years, but serenity (which is a pretty pale blue, bordering on lilac) will make a big splash this year in all areas, including invitations.

Laser cutting
Laser cutting is becoming hugely popular and one of the easiest ways to do this is with your stationary. Just because it is laser cut doesn't mean it has to be geometric. It can be laser cut into anything, including stunning, intricate floral patterns. Here you’ll see some ideas of how to include laser cut pieces into the rest of your design, with table numbers and invitation belly bands, etc.

Fonts and metallics
Varying fonts on the same invitation suite is a trend. It personalizes each line of your invitation and makes it super unique. But this is for a specific style of bride and groom; it’s not for everyone. Gold foil lettering was big last year and it’s a trend that’s not going away anytime soon. What’s taking off even more this year is rose gold foil lettering. This is similar to the gold that we’ve been seeing everywhere; now it’s being introduced to the stationary world. We’re also seeing a huge move towards the other metals: copper, bronze and vintage brass.



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Cascading bouquet
What’s old is new again. The cascade bouquet is back and it’s more fabulous than ever!  A cascade bouquet - for those who don’t know - is a bouquet that trails down the length of the dress, from the main grouping of flowers. It can be as long as you want, and can be made in a variety of different styles, from ultra-modern to organic garden-style.  The level of impact, just how big and trailing your bouquet will be, will depend on the flowers and colour combinations you choose. For a flowing floral masterpiece, opt for a combination of lush, large flowers; for a more subtle approach, stick to one variety of flower and compliment it with trailing greenery. 

Using greenery for centerpieces and as the focal point of wedding decor is huge this year. Flowers are stunning, but there’s a big move to incorporate large amounts of greenery into the wedding using potted trees, succulents, ferns, lavender sprigs and decorative leaves (such as magnolia, begonia). Greenery can be used to frame entranceways and doorways; they can be used as a garland that hangs over the ends of the tables, the backs of chairs; you can lay it on top of bars; use it to decorate signage; hang it from the ceiling and chandeliers and more! Basically, anywhere we can put greenery, we’re doing it. It gives the wedding a lushness and fullness it might not otherwise have.

Flower crowns
While flower crowns are definitely on trend right now, they’ve been around for AGES. They symbolize love and peace and lend a sense of innocence to the wearer. The major difference for 2016 is that we see the flower crown move from just being on the bride’s head to the bridesmaids, as well. Brides and flower girls aren’t the only ones rocking the flower crown anymore; brides are making them part of their bridesmaids’ overall attire. It’s a way for the bridesmaids to be linked together, especially if they aren’t wearing the same dress (also very popular right now).



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While marbling has slowly been on the rise for a few years now, this trend is going to explode in 2016. Marbling is an extension of the watercolor trend that stole our hearts these past few years. It’s soft, loose, and organic looking. It’s an elegant wash in a slightly patterned form. It can actually be incorporated into all aspects of your wedding, but today we have it in cake form!

Dessert towers
Dessert towers will be big for 2016. These are fun, whimsical displays that feature a variety of different desserts. They’re gorgeous to look at but can house different treats so it’ll appeal to everyone. Croquembouche, macarons, and other dessert treats can be piled onto the same dessert tower.

Trendy treat
The eclair is the “it” dessert for 2016. This oblong shaped pastry is filled with creme and iced to your liking. Just like the transition we saw with the cupcake, people are getting super creative with eclair fillings and icing options. We’re seeing fun options like chocolate pistachio, Brazilian coconut, and maple bacon. Of course, the traditional eclair with the chocolate icing is an absolute beloved classic.




Too often we get into trouble at open bars. We’ve all seen that sloppy uncle or the bride who’s had one too many. Brides and grooms are more cognizant than ever about not pushing alcohol at their elegant affair. But it’s important that your guests aren’t left with just boring juices. There are a number of unique ways to provide them with alternatives to alcohol, and more and more entire bars are being dedicated to the mocktail! Here are some of my favourite non-alcoholic drink offerings: 
  • Sparkling lime-mint shots: a lovely drink, these lime mint shots are delicious, similar to a mojito in ingredients and taste, but they freshen your breath as you drink! And they aren’t too sweet which is the worry with mocktails… these are nice and tart! 
  • Hot apple cider or sipping chocolate: I love having an apple cider offering especially if it’s in the winter or fall months. You can nurse a hot drink for a while; sip it during cocktail hour and feel like you’re getting something special even though it’s non-alcoholic. Add a stick of cinnamon, or a sprig of rosemary, an apple slice or star anise to elevate the drink to the next level.  

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