Four recipes that are shorter than a tweet

Abigale Subdhan / The Social
In this heyday of social media, when basically everything is tailored to a tweet, we finally have a cookbook that satisfies the short form. 

Yeah, you read that right.

Chef Andrea Stewart is the author of Recipe Shorts: Delicious Dishes in 140 Characters, and she recently dropped by to share a few of her favourite formulas. 

Margherita Muffin
Split English muffin, toast & spread w/ tom sauce, torn buffalo mozz, ½’d cherry toms. Grill til melted. Top w/basil. S&P

Fish Stick Tacos
Place 1 cooked fish stick in soft taco, garnish w/avo slices, ¼d cherry toms, top w/plain yogurt & cilantro.

Masala Ornge Duck
Mix 1T ea garam masala,sesame seeds,½t ea grlic pwdr,grnd gingr,2T ea ornge juice/zest,EVOO. Brush ovr 4 cookd duck breasts

Mr Jay Jay’s Sweet Crust Salmon
Brush ea salmon fillet (skin-side down) w/olv oil & 2t Dijon. Springle w/ 2t br sugar. S&P Bake 350F=10 mins


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