Dayle Haddon on the importance of educating girls

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Dayle Haddon was named Miss Montreal at 18-years-old and went on to become one of the most successful models in the world, gracing over 100 magazine covers including Sports Illustrated and Vogue. She’s been named one of Harper Bazaar’s ‘Ten Most Beautiful Women’ twice. 

But that’s not all. She’s also written two books on aging gracefully and now, her focus is on charity work and educating girls around the world. 

In fact, Dayle was just recognized by Town and Country magazine as one of the Top 50 Philanthropists of 2017. She has spent 12 years as a UNICEF ambassador and she’s the founder and C.E.O. of WomenOne, where she travels to countries in South America, Africa, and the Middle East to educate young women. 

The Canadian supermodel, actress, author and philanthropist recently sat down with the hosts to talk about her charity work and the importance and impact of educating girls. You can watch the conversation in the video clip above. 

For more information on WomenOne and the work Dayle is doing around the world, head to this website.
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