An etiquette guide to this summer's hottest festivals

Summer is the season of festivals! Everyone wants to have a good time, but there’s always the question of proper etiquette so that everyone can have a good time.
Etiquette consultant Lisa Orr is back to make sure that you get the most of your summer experiences without stepping on any toes.
What do you do if someone jumps the line in front of you?
LISA: It is never okay to jump the line. Many exhibitions post signs that say that if you jump the line, you have to leave the ride — and in some cases, you may be asked to leave altogether. 

If they jumped right in front of you, you can say, “I’m not sure if you didn’t see the sign, but they don’t allow line jumping and they may take your ticket or kick you out. You might want to go back to the back of the line.” If they are rude, don’t engage any further and have a friend wait in line and go let the attendant know. This is one of the few times it is alright to leave a line.
If you’re holding a spot for just one person, or if someone needs to go to the washroom, is that okay?
LISA: If you have to leave for just a minute, like going to the bathroom but you are in a huge line, then yes it is okay. I would let people in line around me know that I’m just leaving for a minute so they’re on board when you get back.
What do you do if you or your child throws up on a ride?
LISA: Once you get over the embarrassment, ask for help! As much as ride operators aren’t going to be thrilled, they would rather know that there’s an issue so that they can make sure you or your child is okay. Also, they will want to get the ride ready for another rider rather than someone getting a “surprise” on their next ride. 
Is it appropriate to bring your kids to music festivals? Does it depend on the genre of music?
LISA: As long as the festival allows kids to attend, then it’s totally reasonable for parents to bring them. However, they must continue to make sound parenting decisions while they’re there. This includes sunscreen, hydration and headphones for noise! Kids can be a lovely addition to the environment as long as their parents set them up for success and know their limits.
Having a few beers is common, but sometimes people take it too far. How do you handle people around you when they might’ve crossed the line?
LISA: This is definitely a situation you don’t want to tackle solo, because drunk people don’t have good judgment and you never know what reaction you are going to get. So, if they’re being belligerent, go get help from festival security or even a police officer if it’s escalating. It’s just not worth trying to handle this on your own.
Watch the video above to hear more tips about summer festival etiquette from Lisa Orr!
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