Wedding guest or critic: which one are you?


Ok, so it may not have been the venue or colour palate you would have chosen for your big day, but is it cool to critique a friend's wedding? 

A popular blogger recently came under fire for this very thing, after posting a live, scathing account of a pal's wedding.

According to reports, Singapore beauty blogger Juli “Bun Bun” blasted everything from the bride's dress to the “pretty alright” food. 

“The bride was struggling with her gown the whole time. She's short like me, but was drowning in her gown coz her bridal shop didn't alter the length for her,” she's quoted as saying about the bride's gown.

She even went as far as to claim her outfit stole the show, blogging that guests complimented her attire more than the bride's.

The harsh commentary quickly garnered some critique of its own, with one reader reportedly saying: "Hmm not very nice if the couple happens to see your post and comments about their wedding I think…even if the bride is chill I think she'd feel bad." 

Juli later removed the post, saying she didn't want her comments to be taken out of context. To read this story in full, click here.

Is it fair to size up someone’s wedding? Do we all do this anyway? Chime in on Facebook or Twitter with your thoughts.
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