A special announcement from Traci

First of all, I must say thank you, thank you, thank you for your continued love and always having my back since my return to etalk. The last few months have been really fulfilling and challenging and full of growth, self-care and mindfulness.  

My schedule with etalk has allowed me to focus on one show and manoeuvre the many facets of being a working, single (twin) mom. That said, so many of you have kindly reached out to me (and my co-workers, family and friends ;)) to inquire as to what my future holds—and it’s a question that I have been wrestling with for many months. 

I’ve decided the right choice for me, my family and my career is to continue on etalk and not return to The Social as a co-host. But rest assured, I will be back to fill in on occasion and even occupy that fifth chair from time to time!

My time at The Social has been spectacular, and I will always have so much love for the team and, of course, the viewers.

I want to give a glitter-filled welcome and congratulations to the fabulously talented Marci Ien, who will be officially joining the show.

Looking forward to peeping her wisdom every day, along with all of you.

Will all my love and gratitude…


P.S. And always stay fabulous!


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