Would it bother you if someone stole your baby name?

Would it bother you if a family member or a friend stole the baby name you were considering?

Well, you’re not alone. Baby-name theft is a real thing and most people don’t take the issue lightly.

According to a TODAY Parents survey, more than half of respondents would be pretty infuriated if a close acquaintance lifted the name of their baby-to-be.

It seems to be a general unspoken rule within parenting circles – if a couple calls dibs on a certain baby name, you don’t use it.

“"Parents spend a lot of time thinking and dreaming about their child's name, and it's one way they become attached to their child before they even meet him or her," BabyCenter editor-in-chief Linda Murray told TODAY Parents. "It's an emotional process, so when you share your favorite baby name with someone and they 'take'
your name, it feels like theft."

Murray shares two ways to deal with this baby etiquette no-no:
  • “Communication is key.” Tell family members that you’ve picked a name and lay down some ground rules.
  • “Parents can also try to compromise.” If two couples are set on one name, figure how you both can use it. (For example, Elizabeth = Eliza or Beth).
Read more stories from people who have had their baby names stolen here.

Did you keep your child’s name secret? How concerned were you that a friend or family member would steal your baby’s name? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook or Twitter!


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