Why kids need to experience risky situations

If you want your kids to be better prepared for life, you better allow them to take some risks...even if it's just at the playground.

Researchers say that kids who participate in risky play will be more prepared for the real world, and kids who aren't allowed to take risks could develop anxiety and depression later on. 

Allowing children to take more risks could also help them figure out what they're capable of and let them feel comfortable trying new things.

This could be a factor in the decision some municipalities are making as they update their playgrounds. A park in Richmond, B.C., for instance, has introduced an element of risk into the design of its playground. The park allows kids to take chances in a safe environment and features ziplines, swings of all sizes and a rope walkway.

“At the end of the day, you're never going to be able to protect your kids from everything that could happen to them,” one dad told CTV Vancouver. “So you have to get them to learn how to handle themselves, and be able to pick themselves back up.”

Other parents seem to agree, and some even claim that most playgrounds are so safe that they're boring. Many of the parents interviewed think that their kids can learn a lot from risky play at the park.

“They can climb, they can run, they can fall and get bruises,” one grandparent said. “And learn how to deal with it.”

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