How to pick the perfect pet for your family

If you’ve ever dreamed about meeting your perfect match, you may have been inclined to use a dating service. But what if someone told you the same service could find you the perfect pet? 

The Meet Your Match program is kind of like Tinder for pets. It’s a science-based program developed by the American-SPCA to ensure adoption agencies are matching the right pet to the right household. 

Here’s how it works: potential adopters answer a series of questions, depending whether they want a cat or a dog, and they’re matched with a pet based on their answers. The tool isn’t based on breed, but personality type. ‘Meet Your Match’ evaluates an animal’s behaviour and interests and matches them to an adopter’s preferences. 

Since implementing the program, adoption numbers have increased and return rates have decreased, so it’s obviously working.

There are three colour-coded personality types for dogs and cats: green, orange, and purple. 
  • Green: These animals tend to be high energy, free spirits who usually lead the pack. 
  • Orange: These are middle of the road animals that make great sidekicks. They can often keep themselves busy.
  • Purple: These are the couch potatoes. They’re the love bugs and lap sitters who will be a constant companion.

To find your perfect pet, visit the OSPCA’s website to take the Meet Your Match survey, and you can find info on the pets featured in the video above on the Pet Adoption page.
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