This guy says his neck tattoo is preventing him from landing a job

A 21-year-old man from Manchester, England says he can’t get a job because of a tattoo he has on his neck. Joe Parsons spent $330 on an elaborate heart tattoo last year in memory of his late grandfather while he was working at a factory. Now, he says that the ink is influencing potential employers’ opinion of him to the point that he can’t get past an initial interview. 

“Before I got the tattoo, people thought I was a happy, confident person,” he told SWNS, “Now it feels like people think I’m full of myself and that I don’t give a damn.” Parsons reports that he has no trouble getting interviews—he’s received calls for around 30—but the tattoo and the stigma associated with it are what is holding him back. 
“There’s definitely a stigma attached which there shouldn’t be,” he said, “I do think it’s a form of discrimination. It’s not down to the skills I have and in every interview they haven’t given me a good reason.”

Parsons boasts four years’ experience in retail, hospitality and call centers, yet he can’t seem to get any of the service jobs he’s interviewed for. Clearly the issue is not experience—we all know any teenager with a pulse and a reference can get a job in retail—and Parsons is convinced (with good reason) that the issue is his neck ink. 

“I still don’t regret it at all though,” he said, “I’m proud of it because it means so much. What I regret is how other people are perceiving it.” 
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