A conversation about violence and masculinity

Caitlin Connelly/The Social
Why are men violent? What does it mean to be a man?
Two authors are unpacking and examining these questions in the search for an explanation to testosterone-fueled violence, something that is a clear issue in today’s society. Violent crimes are a huge problem—and most of them are committed by men.
Jamil Jivani is the lawyer, activist and professor behind the book Why Young Men, described as a set of ideas that pursues a positive path and offers a counterintuitive, often provocative argument for a sea change in the way we look at young men, and for how they see themselves.  
Daemon Fairless is a writer and journalist who has worked on CBC Radio's flagship current affairs show As It Happens, and as a print journalist for the science journal Nature. His novel, Mad Blood Stirring, is a riveting first-person travelogue through the hidden geography of male violence as Fairless seeks to understand the inner lives of violent men and, ultimately, himself.  
Male rage is a well-documented phenomenon that has been linked to a desire for dominance, something that often has deadly effects. Both authors have extensive thoughts on the root causes, as well as ideas to begin orchestrating positive change within the male community. Jivani has explored the reasons behind this apparent anger in men, pointing the finger at a lack of communication, missing fathers, and low income as some key factors. Fairless advocates for more constructive, non-violent capacities for men to express their biological needs, like sports or other competitions that do not result in violent behavior. 
Watch the video above to hear more from these two authors about their work in breaking down male violence. 


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