‘Love potion’ makes men more attractive to female partners

For anyone who’s ever wanted to appear sexier to their partner, a new “love potion” may be the answer to all your problems.

Researchers at the University of Bonn in Germany have discovered a spray that makes men 15 per cent more attractive to their female partners, according to the Daily Mail.

The nasal spray is made with a synthetic form of oxytocin – a hormone that is released in your brain when associated with feelings of love and affection. It also plays a large part in maternal bonding after childbirth.

Scientists tested out the aphrodisiac effect of the “love potion” during an experiment with 40 female volunteers. The women “were in their 20s and 'passionately in love.”

Half of the group inhaled the spray and the others were given a placebo. Then, they were asked to look at photo of men, including pictures of their partners. The women found their partners better looking when inhaling the drug than on the placebo.

The exception? Women using contraception seemed to be unaffected by the spray.

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