Where do you stand on BFFs poaching friends?

If you've ever had a best friend hang out with one of your friends alone, you're familiar with friend poaching – but whether you're a victim or simply a witness is a matter of opinion.

A woman recently sought advice from The Washington Post after her best friend hung out with her new neighbour pal without inviting her along. 

“Am I being overly sensitive or did she break the 'best friend code' by pursuing a friendship with my new next-door neighbors/friends without even mentioning it to me?” asked the woman.

The Post's advice columnist, Amy, responded that “Best Friend Code dictates that best friends should not poach one another's partners or close friends,” but, she does not think said code extends to new neighbours.

What do you think? Is friend poaching an offensive move or something to be brushed off? Have you ever poached, or been poached? Take our poll and let us know on Twitter and Facebook!

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