Online courses you didn't know existed

We do just about everything online, but the world wide web isn’t just for Tweeting and Tindering – why not take some awesome courses too? Here are a few sites that will satisfy the inner-nerd in all of us!

For cooking courses…
$9.99/month gets you unlimited access to cooking lessons from some of North America’s top chefs.  All the lessons are video tutorials, a bonus since – let’s face it – it’s a lot easier to follow along when you can see what the chef is asking of you. Browse tutorials to find what you’re looking for or enter your desired skill into the search bar. Want to learn how to cook a lobster? Cook fried chicken? Develop better knife skills? Make the perfect grilled cheese? It’s all here in easy-to-follow videos.

For language courses…
There’s a reason Rosetta Stone is so popular. They’ve made it almost impossible NOT to learn a language and now you can do it online – via their app or by downloading their language-specific program straight to your computer. The first level in any language is free, so you can test the waters, plus the program comes complete with a speech language recognition system that can effectively judge your pronunciation and even nudges you to schedule online tutorial sessions with a native speaker.

For the generally curious…
Not everyone knows what they want to learn, they just know they want to learn something new! That’s where comes in. For just $89.99/year, you get access to over 20,000 lessons – everything from new card tricks to guitar lessons to training your dog – the works! Added bonus, the lessons tend to be short, meaning you can give your brain a workout in just 15 minutes a day!

For those who want to learn from the masters…
This is one of my favourite new discoveries. Masterclass offers you the chance to digitally “sit-in” on a masterclass taught by an expert in their field – think Usher teaching the art of performance, Serena Williams doing a masterclass on tennis, Dustin Hoffman on the art of acting. Though the price is somewhat steep ($90/class) you get video lessons, exercises, a workbook and 2 hours+ of instruction from a great.  It would also be a great gift and the website makes gifting incredibly simple.

or those who want science/tech courses for FREE…
The Khan Academy’s goal is to provide a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere. Log on, find a subject area that appeals to you, take a quick quiz to assess your knowledge base and that’s it! Select a course, sit back and learn. Over 580 million lessons have already been delivered.

For those who want to take some of the most popular university courses out there…
This site offers courses from 140 partner schools including Yale and Johns Hopkins. Browse the catalog to find a course that interests you, check out the prof and the syllabus, and you’re in. You’re a student again without ever leaving your chair! Some courses even offer certificates of completion, so you can brag to your friends about how you’re killing it at Yale!

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