Seven tech trends to take your wedding from basic to breathtaking

Abigale Subdhan / The Social
The royal wedding is clearly not your typical wedding—it's definitely been kicked up a notch or two—but there are little things every day couples can do to elevate their big day.

More and more couples are incorporating tech into their wedding day. From engagemenr rings and budgets to cakes and thank you cards, Kate McKenna shares some modern day wedding updates.



It used to be that purchasing an engagement ring involved one person nervously going to a store, painstakingly debating the decision and perhaps reluctantly forking over cash to make the purchase. That’s all changed, thanks to companies like Turnsmith. They’re an alternative fine jewelry company that’s re-vamping the way rings are designed and purchased. Clients go online, select from a variety of stunning stones and design the ring they love. Then, a designer (a real, live, human) does a free video consultation where the client can see the rendering of their ring and talk through any changes. And the rings themselves are different – in this case they’re all black or grey diamonds and some of them are lab grown, meaning they have the exact same chemical makeup as mined diamonds and look like “normal diamonds” but they’re grown in a lab – a fantastic option for those conscious of price point and of making an ethical diamond purchase.
Guestimating when it comes to a wedding budget is never a good way to go. Enter a free online course called the “Get Wed Course” that will help you determine whether or not you’re overspending on your wedding and will show you what you can realistically afford. It’ll also help you handle any surprise expenses along the way. From the New School of Finance, it takes under an hour and is well worth it.
Décor involves clean up and let’s be real, half the time you don’t want to keep your decorations anyway. Why not decorate with light instead? Through projection mapping, companies like Calgary’s Hi Tech Productions project light onto the walls of your venue, creating any scene you can imagine. Want to transform a summer wedding into a winter wonderland? No problem. You want one look but your partner wants another? This is a perfect way to compromise! Some venues even specialize in projection mapping, offering a room well suited to this type of lighting. Interested in projection mapping on a cake? That can be done too.


Why settle for a generic cake topper when you could get a cake topper that looks just like you and your partner? Toronto’s Selftraits studio creates mini, 3D sculptures that are perfectly suited to sitting atop a cake. The appointment only takes 30 minutes, since 128 cameras are snapping shots of you simultaneously. Pick the pose you like and 7-10 days later, you’ll have your sculpture in hand! 
For a while, having a wedding video was a novelty. Then drones took over. Now, couples are going 3D! Companies like IDoIDo position multiple cameras facing out from a single point then stitch together the shots, getting a 360 degree capture. This is ideal for those people who want to re-live the wedding day and also for guests who couldn’t attend. You’ll catch details that perhaps you didn’t notice when the wedding was happening.


I’m of the school of thought that if the wedding favour isn’t useful or edible, I’d rather not get one at all and fortunately more and more couples seem to be agreeing with me! Many are turning to bakeries who specialize in personalized cookies like Toronto’s Teeny Tiny Bakery. Couples provide the bakery with photos of themselves or their pet and the bakery creates personalized treats – like stick figure cookies, inspired by the couple, or cookies featuring the couple’s pet – really, the sky is the limit! They’re as delicious as they are cute to look at!


Nobody likes writing thank you cards. Yes, they’re a necessity, but they take a long time and they cause hand cramps. Enter Punkpost – a super easy to use app where you draft the message but another person (with much better handwriting) does the work. You simply select the card you want from hundreds of beautiful options, select 1 of 5 handwriting styles, type your message, add extras like confetti or a photo, type in the address and you’re done! You get to see the final product before it gets mailed and the Punkpost peeps even drop it in the mailbox for you. Could it be any easier?!
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