Easy balance pad exercises you can do at home

We've all heard that finding balance is the key to a healthy life, and sometimes literally finding balance is key to a great workout! Nadia Cordick shared the below routine and explained how to incorporate balance pads into our regular workout.

Elevated Jump Squat:
For this exercise you'll need 4 Balance Pads (two on each side). Separate your balance pads about shoulder width apart on the floor. Come into a squat with feet together in between the pads then using both muscle and momentum, jump onto the pads and into a wider squat. Repeat

This exercise targets your quads. It also activates your core since the pads are not a stable surface. It also works many of the other muscles in the lower body including the glutes, hamstrings and calves. 


Single Leg Deadlift:
Stand on one leg on the Balance Pads. Keeping the supporting knee slightly bent, perform a 'stiff' legged deadlift by bending at the hip and extending your free leg behind you for balance. When you come up you can extend the weight up above your head if you'd like to engage the upper body muscles. 

The core, glutes, calves, hamstrings, back and shoulder muscles are worked during this exercise. 


Side to Side Leg Raises with Yoga Blocks: 
Sit on one balance pad (to help cushion your tailbone). Place 3 yoga blocks on the floor vertically and about two feet apart from each other. Lie back on the balance pad to the point where you feel some tension in your core. Raise your legs up and over each yoga block without allowing your feet to touch the ground. 

This exercise engages the transversus abdominis, the rectus abdominis, and the quad muscles. 


Russian Twists:
Stack 3-4 Balance pads on the ground. Sit on the pads and lean back with until you feel that tension in your core muscles again. Make sure your feet are elevated and crossed at the ankles. Take a weighted ball hold it away from your body to engage more of your upper body muscles. Then twist your torso as far as you can to the left and then reverse the motion. 

This is a full-on abdominal exercise that predominantly works the rectus abdominis, internal and external obliques, quads, shoulder muscles and biceps. 


Medicine Ball Push Ups: 
Stack 2-3 Balance pads on the floor. Place your feet on the pads and one hand on the floor and the other hand on your medicine ball. Lower your body down into a push up. As you come up, roll the ball to the other side and repeat the exercise on the opposite side. 

This exercise helps build upper body and core strength. Muscles worked include, chest, deltoids/shoulders, triceps and core muscles. 

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