Exercises for a strong and toned booty

Lyzabeth Lopez gained millions of followers for her Hourglass Workout, the routine that proves you can be strong and sexy without sacrificing curves. She's also known for one curve in particular: her booty. She stopped by to show us some butt-boosting glute exercises. 

  • Start with two kettlebells in front of you, holding one in each hand. 
  • Keeps your abs in and drive your glutes back. As you are standing up your will drive your hips forward and contract your glutes. As you are coming back down keep your abs engaged and your chest up. 

  • Prop one foot up on bench or box behind you with a kettlebell in each hand. 
  • With your weight on the front leg’s heel, keeping your chest forward, drop down touching the same knee of the leg propped up on the bench to the ground and then stand back up. 

  • The swing movement of the arms comes from power generated through the hips and glutes; the arms are not actively lifting much weight.  
  • When initiating the “up” portion of your swing, the core must be stabilized, and the glutes must be forcefully contracted to thrust the hips forward.  
  • The momentum from this movement will help the arms to swing up to about shoulder level, letting the KB become just about weightless at the top of the movement. 
  • Keeping those glutes contracted at the top of your swing will help to prevent lumbar hyper extension at the top of the swing, which will protect against low back injury. 

  • Stand with your feet placed outside your shoulders, either pointing straight ahead or turned slightly out, whichever is more comfortable to you.
  • Clench your hands into loose fists. Hold your arms out in front of you, parallel to the ground, with elbows locked and hands touching.
  • Pull your shoulders down into your waist, away from your ears. You should feel some tightness under your armpits. Those are your lats. You may never have felt them like that before, but this sensation is crucial to the swing, so remember it.
  • Tighten your abs like you're bracing for a punch. Don't bend forward, though. Just try to lock your ribcage to your pelvis.
  • Finally, squeeze your glutes as tightly as you can, like you're pinching a coin between your cheeks. Your body should form a straight line from your shoulders through your hips and knees down to your feet.

  • Your feet should be shoulder width apart, and toes straight ahead or turned out five to ten degrees.
  • Bring your ribs down and hips underneath you. If you do it right, you should feel your abs and hamstrings turn on. If you don’t feel your hamstrings, then think about digging your heels into the ground as you exhale. 
  • As opposed to sitting back, which you would do in other squat variations, you’re going to sit straight down, making sure you stay in your heels and keep your hips underneath you the whole time. 
  • Take a big breath in (remember the breath into your back piece) and on your exhale you’re going to start standing up. Continue pressing the ground away until you reach the top of the lift and finish in the same neutral position you started in.

  • The Kettlebell Side Lunge will add an extra dimension to your training. Lunging laterally will place larger demands on your buttocks, quads and also your mobility.
  • For the first few repetitions of the side lunge ensure that you do not go down too deep as this can result in groin strains for the novice side lunger. Once you have warmed up the movement pattern then attempt to drop a little deeper each time
  • The deeper you can get with the side lunge the more emphasis you will place on the buttocks and also the thighs. Ensure to keep your weight back on your heels to maximize the buttocks muscle activation. 
  • Keeping the chest up and back flat will ensure that you do not suffer any lower back fatigue or injury.
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