Here’s a football-inspired workout just in time for the Super Bowl

You don’t have to be excited to see the Eagles take on the Patriots at the Super Bowl on Sunday to work it out like a football player. The game may look like giant men just throwing themselves at one another, but according to former-Detroit Lions linebacker James Hargrave III, it’s much more complex than that. Players not only need to work on agility, coordination and footwork, but they also need to discipline their minds. 

James visited The Social to show Melissa and Cynthia a football-inspired workout that you can keep doing long after Sunday. 

Agility: Cone Drills
According to James, agility is what football is all about. A player needs to be able to quickly deke left and right around players and still make a play at the end. Without amazing agility, those great catches and last minute plays just don’t happen. 

To work on that dexterity, set up cones like in the video above, then run forward, backpedal, then forward and backwards again on an angle.

Coordination: Footwork
You don’t want to be “That Guy” i.e. the guy on the team with two left feet. If you have no coordination and can’t run without falling, you can’t play football. Fine-tuning your footwork is crucial. 

Use a step class riser for this one. Step on, then off. Do five forward steps up, then five steps to the side. The more you do it, the faster you’ll get. 

Focus: Catching Drills
It may look like nothing, but running and catching a ball at the same time is no easy feat. Football players spend hours watching film, studying their opponents, understanding what they’re trying to do and then applying everything they learned on the field. 

This one takes a partner. For this drill, do five steps forward, five steps to the side, then break off and run where you need to go to get “open.” At that point, your partner will throw the ball to you and you’ll (hopefully) catch it before throwing it back. 

Stamina: Bear Crawl with Burpees
If it feels like football games drag on forever when you’re watching from the comfort of your home, just imagine how long it feels if you’re running the whole time. A game is at least 60 minutes long so stamina is huge. The first thing to go when you get tired is your focus so football players train for endurance of both body and mind. 

A combo of bear crawl and—James’ favourite and Cynthia’s worst enemy—burpees is one of the ways players practice discipline. If a player gets in trouble, the whole team has to do a 100 yard bear crawl with burpees at the end. Give it a try. 

Strength: Harness Conditioning 
If there’s one thing we knew about football players before talking to James, it’s that they’re strong. They have to keep their bodies in top shape to last an entire season and (if they’re lucky) playoffs. In James’ words: THERE’S NO GIVING UP IN FOOTBALL. 

If you happen to have a 260 pound man around and a harness with which to pull him, this one’s a blast. Marci and Cynthia each took their turn at dragging James around the studio. 

Super Bowl LII kicks off Sunday, February 4 at 6 p.m. ET on CTV.
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