Five tire-based exercises for a full body workout

Caitlin Connelly/The Social
No one questions dumbbells, barbells, bands and battle ropes being at the gym, but what about that lone tractor tire? Seems like an odd waste of space but in truth, it can be used for unique and extremely challenging workouts.

Tires do more than just make cars move. Tire-based exercises help you add strength, size, speed, and agility! This one basic piece of equipment offers up a ton of workout variations. Plus, tires can be acquired rather easily and are great for challenging your power, strength, and conditioning.

Tire training is among the best techniques around to give you a full body workout.  Working out with a tire won’t give you bulk but it will keep you muscles toned and if you are trying to burn a lot of fat, fusing more than one exercise together to create a complex routine.  This is when you use one piece of equipment to perform several different exercises strung together to form a routine.

Tire Switch Lunges
Alternate jump-switching your feet onto the tire as fast as you can.  

BENEFITS: This movement works your lower body muscles, like glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves as well as your core. There is also an increased level of difficulty because the tire is not stable so it encourages you to use your core more. Also, because the tire is elevated, your legs get more of a workout.

Deep Deadlifts with Kettlebells
Step onto the tire keeping your feet close together. To perform the deadlift, bend over and lower the kb's towards the ground keeping a slight bend in the knee. Slowly come back up, and squeeze your glutes at the top. 

BENEFITS: The deadlift primarily works the hamstrings, glutes, lower back and hip flexors. The KB works the arms.

Tire Press
Lie on your back and bring the tire in the air over top of your chest. Lower the tire down so that your elbows hit the ground and then repeat. To increase the level of difficulty, lower the tire down really slowly on a 3 count. 

BENEFITS: The tire press targets the chest, arms and shoulders. It also works the core muscles

Decline Tire Push Ups
Place your feet on the tire and your hands on the ground. Hands should be wider than the shoulders. Lower yourself as close to the ground as you can before coming back up. Repeat 12-15 reps AND to add another degree of difficulty, you can elevate one leg before switching to the other leg.

BENEFITS: The chest, shoulders, arms and core and the major muscle groups worked in this exercise. 

Step onto tire with feet nice and wide to help you maintain balance. Turn your feet slightly outward to target your inner thigh muscles. Come down into a low squat, maintaining a straight back. 
BENEFITS: Targets the muscles of the lower body such as the quads, glutes, calves and hamstrings. The inner and outer thigh muscles are also engaged during this movement.
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