One woman’s story about getting fit at mid life

Caitlin Connelly/The Social
What does fitness mean to you?
For Tracy Isaacs, co-author of Fit at Mid Life, fitness means feminism. Driven by her goal to be her fittest at 50 years old, Isaacs has uncovered a new approach to athleticism that focuses less on losing weight, and more on being your healthiest and best self. Stressing aesthetic values over athletic ones, Isaacs wants to keep the joy and motivation in exercising, not simply living by the scale. 
Isaacs advocates that the world of fitness is for everyone, not just the young. Many in their mid-life can find enjoyment in sports and activities, and Isaacs wants to continue this approach by liberating the exercise world from any stigmas, and by making everyone feel like they belong. That’s where feminism comes in, something that inspired her to co-author her novel and push the message of acceptance and empowerment even further. 
Here are some of her tips:
It’s never too late to start exercising, according to Isaacs. Take a small jog, go for a swim, hit the gym. Take it in small increments, increasing each day – whatever it is, as long as we enjoy it mentally, exercising stops feeling like punishment or a way to ‘look thin’, and more like a joyful pastime that keeps us healthy. 
As we age, body confidence has been known to be an increasingly difficult sentiment to maintain. Isaacs wants us to approach fitness from a place of excitement and enjoyment, rather than self-loathing and a desire to change the number on the scale. There is no fat-shaming or thin shaming in a feminist approach to fitness!
Isaac wants to emphasize that there are no ‘male’ or ‘female’ sports. Although society attempts to push men in one direction and women in another, Isaac wants to encourage women to participate in competitive, sweaty, straining sports all the same and forgo the boundaries to entry that cause many women to avoid ‘masculine’ sports. Forget ‘ladylike’ behavior – it’s hard to be pretty when you’re trying to win. 
Watch the video above to hear more of Isaacs’ tips. 


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