Social Survey: Five questions with Jon Montgomery

Olympic gold medallist and host of The Amazing Race Canada Jon Montgomery stopped by The Social to talk about his show's much-anticipated second season. We caught up with him in the green room, where he dished on his must-have travel items, locations where he'd like to shoot next, and divulged some rather humorous “tidbits” about Season 2 of the action-packed series.

Q. Can you reveal one, just one, secret about Season 2 of The Amazing Race Canada for the fans?

Sure. I am going to give fans of The Amazing Race Canada two clues as to who the winner is this year. First of all, they are Canadian. Secondly, a man and a woman made both of them. Ha!

Q. There is a lot of talk about travel this season. If you could take the competition to any destination on Earth (or beyond), where would it be?

Depends on what month it is. In the middle of January, I'm probably not going to go to the flatlands of Manitoba and Saskatchewan and be frozen to death – I'd rather go somewhere warm. But during the summer months, I'm just as happy as a clam to be right here in Canada – in our own backyard exploring different places I haven't been able to see yet, and going back to places I have been fortunate enough to travel to.

Q. Imagine you have just one minute to pack before boarding a plane. What three items are you grabbing and throwing in your luggage?

I should probably start with my toothbrush, but something tells me it wouldn't make the cut because I'd be so worried about getting everything else that I need. What would I take? I think Blue Robeo – I always travel with Blue Robeo, he's my blue robe – a creature comfort from home. Also, I always make sure I've got my latex pillow with me. And the only reason I'm so steadfast on making sure that my pillow is with me is because a lot of (my) travels historically were done in Europe for Skeleton racing, and their pillows over there are like loose chip bags with nothing in them – they're terrible. Thirdly, maybe some sort of entertainment so that I could communicate with my wife. We talk every day when I'm gone, so maybe my iPhone.

Q. Speaking of devices, is there a song currently getting lots of play on your music device?

No, I don't download or buy a lot of music. I listen to a lot of music but it's all on the radio.  When we're travelling, music is background. I'm not engaged with the melody or the lyrics – I'm not paying any attention to it at all. So it could be anything from Daft Punk to B.B. King to Metallica. I might change the station if it gets into the 'Easy Listening' bracket, but I'm as comfortable listening to country as I am heavy metal.

Q. Here's a tough one: ultimate pizza toppings.

I'm pretty easy as she goes, I'll eat anything. But if I was ordering it, I always order a thin crust pepperoni and bacon. If my wife's around, probaly some goat cheese and spinach.

Be sure to watch the race of the summer! Catch the Season 2 of The Amazing Race Canada on Tuesday, July 8 at 9pm ET on CTV. 

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