Those in glass houses... are healthier, says new project

We're not doing ourselves any favours by hiding from natural light between walls, says a company that is seeking funding for its proposed transparent glass houses.
The people behind The Photon Space, based out of London, say that the houses address “the detrimental effect of a lack of daylight on our health and well-being” and better our circadian rhythm.
The houses are 485 square-feet and have a living room, double bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. The glass can change from transparent to opaque (in case, y'know, you want to pee in private), and has pre-programmed settings that the designers say can treat “stress; anxiety; seasonal affective disorder; lack of energy; low libido; and other common conditions.”
Probably best to try it out somewhere sunnier than London to start, then. 
Watch the video below for more details on the project and the houses.

What do you think of this idea? Would you live in one of these houses?
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