How to schmooze with the stars


Your name might not be on the ultra-exclusive guest list, but don't let that stop you from flocking to hot celeb parties far and wide. 

Apparently, there are plenty of ways to get into A-list events, and as writer Charlotte Laws suggests, it's way easier than you might think.

One such tactic is what she calls 'The Glitz Blitz'. In other words, make a complete spectacle of yourself. “You need to look outrageous, temporarily blinding security guards with your garish glitter as you waltz past them into the event. 

“You must pretend to be famous — perhaps part of the evening’s entertainment — and manifest confidence, charisma and that indescribable attitude of “step aside, darling, and let me through the door,” she writes.  

Piece of cake, right?

If that seems too outlandish, perhaps you'd prefer t
he ‘Fake Out to Get In’ approach – for instance, leading the security guard at the front door to believe you couldn't care less to be inside schmoozing, when in fact, you've made it your life's mission. 

How far have you gone to get into a celeb party? What are your tips? Chime in on Facebook and Twitter to let us know.



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