This guy sent out a résumé listing all of his failures to great success

“Failure” may be the hottest buzzword in the business world as of late, but most candidates still wouldn't advertise their shortcomings. That's exactly what made Jeff Scardino's résumé stand out.
The advertising executive sent out a résumé that listed his greatest failures, both personal and professional, as well as “non-skills” like, “take my work home with me,” “have difficulty remembering names,” and “could be more punctual.”
His professional failures – including “failed to produce anything worthwhile in my first year here” and “never tried to switch creative groups when I was unhappy” – didn't scare off potential employers. On the contrary, he got more responses from his honest résumé than his usual CV.
Maybe his personal failures sealed the deal, which are likely harder to swallow, but are way more interesting and speak to who he is as a person.
Scardino notes he “dated a free-spirited girl who ruined my junior year” under education. He “got eaten alive by bed bugs" during an internship, hasn't finished the book he “started writing years ago,” and “only [has] one year left to get on a Creative 30 Under 30 list.”
But this stunt definitely got him a step closer to that last one.
Check out his full résumé below:

What do you think of Scardino's résumé? Do we need to rethink how we approach job applications? Do you really learn anything about a candidate when we expect a certain kind of script? Let us know in the comments!
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