Traci 'Shops The Neighbourhood'

Imagine a pub where you can leave your cares at the door, indulge in good food and good people, and everybody knows your name (you're thinking Cheers, aren't you?). Now imagine that place is in your own backyard.  At least for Traci it is!

Our cameras recently tagged along with her for a visit to her favourite local restaurant, The Stone Corner Pub. Nestled in the heart of Traci's hometown of Pickering – part of  “905 country,” as she calls it – the pub is a favourite local meeting spot, where patrons can enjoy live music and delicious eats (Traci recommends chef Devon's butter chicken).

Watch the video above to see just why Traci dubs this local business a 2014 version of Cheers.

The Social and Yellow Pages want you to 'Shop The Neighbourhood' too! Visit to tell us about your favourite local business for a chance to win one of five $1,000 prizes. You can also celebrate your neighbourhood this November 29th by making local purchases! 

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