Make friends in space with the first astronaut chat app

Italy's first female astronaut, Samantha Cristoforetti, successfully landed at the International Space Station (ISS) Monday for a six-month research mission. She – like a certain Canadian social-media rockstar – has already started tweeting pictures of her time on the ISS.

Chris Hadfield brought the world to space via social media with his photos (see our interview with him above on the subject), videos and more, and by the end of his mission, made us all want to be best friends with him.
A new app is cutting to the chase, aptly-named, Friends in Space. The app allows earthlings another forum to chat with Cristoforetti on the “first social network that extends beyond Earth.”

Friends in Space plots you on a world map according to location and tracks Cristoforetti's orbit in a yellow line. You can send a “hello” message to Cristoforetti at any time, to which she might reply, but the closer the ISS is to your location, the “louder” your hello will be. Other people around the world who are launching hellos to Cristoforetti appear as “stars” on the map (um, adorable), allowing you to interact with them. 
We'll have this guy at the ready in case any glitches ensue.

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