16 great gift ideas for Father’s Day

Father's Day is coming up quick and, let's be real, there's no one harder to buy for than dear ol' dad. If you never know what to get your old man (or your partner), Coleman Molnar, co-founder of lifestyle blog Lie et Co., has some great gift ideas for the special guy in your life.

Cufflinks, Harry Rosen
  • WHY IT’S GREAT: Cufflinks don’t have to be boring—you can make them super personalized. For the handy type, these wrench cufflinks are perfect.

The Trucker denim jacket, Levi’s
  • WHY IT’S GREAT: Dad fashion is in and we’re totally embracing it with this denim jacket. 

Hudson’s Bay Company x Teva Mens Original sandals
  • WHY IT’S GREAT: Teva is known for their practical and comfortable sandals that dads everywhere have been wearing for decades. 

Nomad backpack, Sully Wong
  • WHY IT’S GREAT: Stylish dads carry backpacks, and this one is super swanky.

Shave kit, Fendrihan
  • WHY IT’S GREAT: If your dad enjoys the process of shaving, he’ll probably appreciate this four-piece set.

Keep it Classy Work Week sock bundle, Yo Sox
  • WHY IT’S GREAT: Yo Sox make a huge array of really fun and bold styles, and they also package them in really practical bundles. 

Helio Pressure Shower, Nemo Equipment
  • WHY IT’S GREAT: If your dad is a camper, he needs this portable shower. It breaks down to the size of a lunchbox and it’s good for washing dirty dishes and dirty bodies. 

Stanley Happy Hour System, MEC
  • WHY IT’S GREAT: This stainless steel happy hour set comes with a citrus reamer, a shot glass, and a couple of cups—so you can easily enjoy cocktailsin your tent, because, why not?

GSI Vortex Blender, MEC
  • WHY IT’S GREAT: This hand-powered, portable blender is ideal for camping or the ball game.

Helle Norway survival knife
  • WHY IT’S GREAT: This bushcraft knife would be perfectly useful while camping, but it looks pretty classy just displayed on a desk.

Cast Iron Skillet, FINEX
  • WHY IT’S GREAT: Cast iron is the original non-stick. This one from FINEX is modelled after a vintage cast iron from the 1930s, with a modern twist.

Brass saucepan, FALK
  • WHY IT’S GREAT: This pan has a non-stick lining and is used the same way you’d use stainless steel—it just looks way cooler.

Octagonal Walnut Wood Salt & Pepper Mills, Williams Sonoma
  • WHY IT’S GREAT: Pepper shakers are the culinary equivalent of a tie and a great way to accessorize the kitchen.

Shun Hikari 6” Chef’s Knife, Williams Sonoma
  • WHY IT’S GREAT: A good knife can change your life. Not only is this one beautiful, it’s very well-balanced.

FOX RUN End Grain Butchers Block, Hudson’s Bay
  • WHY IT’S GREAT: Just imagine the two-and-a-half-feet of charcuterie you could make on this!

Sea to Sky Exotic car rental
  • WHY IT’S GREAT: For those on the West Coast, this allows you to rent the supercar your dad has always dreamed of, and drive it on the Sea to Sky highway. It’s an experience your dad will never forget. 
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