Clever uses for household items

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Our homes are full with hidden treasures just waiting to be discovered. Whether it's a shower cap or a binder clip, the versatility of everyday items often go unrealized. 

Professional organizer Clare Kumar shares these ideas for alternative uses for common household products. 


Transporting spices 
  • Use a lighter to singe and seal one end of the straw
  • Using a small funnel, pour spice into straw
  • Singe the other end when done and take your spices on picnics or camping trips

Tangle-free necklaces
  • String necklaces through a straw to keep them tangle-free

  • There are several ways to repurpose empty food containers
  • Fill it with baking soda and keep it under the sink for easy cleaning
  • Fill it with salt and keep it at the front door to de-ice walkway/steps/sidewalk
  • Great for portioning cereal and snacks for kids
  • Fill it with powdered laundry detergent so you don't have to take a giant box to the laundromat 

  • The small perfect loops are perfect for hanging baseball caps
  • The cheap wire shower hooks can be used to hang belts or scarves
  • The better S hooks are perfect for purses and handbags 

Place them over shoes before packing them in your suitcase to keep the dirt from getting on other clothes
Use them to cover leftovers in the fridge

Fill old socks with rice and essential oils and tie them off; heat them in the microwave to treat muscle aches
Socks are also great for polishing shoes because your hand fits inside the sock, so you don't have to worry about getting polish all over yourself


Instant garment bag
  • Cut a hole in the top of a pillow case and put it oer a coat or dress shirt on a hanger
  • The fabric keeps away mold because cotton allows moisture to evaporate, as opposed to plastic

Store bed linens
  • Using a pillow case to pack away and store bed linens keeps things tidy and matching bed sets together

Stuffed animals
  • A pillow case also helps protect stuffed animals in the wash

  • Clip them to the edge of a desk to keep chords from falling
  • They also make for great money clips and key holders, especially if you're going out for the night and you want to reduce the amount of items you have to carry around with you

  • Prevent car locks from freezing by placing a magnet over the key hole
  • Hold parchment paper in place on a baking sheet or trash and recycle bags in place
  • Locate a stud in the wall
  • Use them to remove small batteries from clocks and watches


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