Five products that will simplify your life

By: Professional Organizer Clare Kumar (@streamlife)

When it comes to folding clothes more easily…



Years ago I figured out that folding clothes a bit smaller and storing them vertically in drawers helped me see all my t-shirts and scarves.  I began teaching my clients the same approach but noticed people had trouble folding precisely and taking care when choosing something to wear or putting an item away. I collaborated with an industrial designer to create Pliio, folding tools that actually keep things folded.  They’re so easy to use. Simply lay the garment you want to fold face down in front of you. Place the filer on top. Fold the sides, top and bottom, flip into place and file.

*Available at Bed, Bath and Beyond, Home Outfitters and

When it comes to handling hot hair tools more safely…



These are heat resistant holsters that mean you never have to leave hot hair appliances out on the sink until they cool down, ever again. They are made in a variety of sizes with pockets and flaps which grip on non-porous surfaces like sinks, counters, mirrors and even locker doors to hold whatever needs holding, namely curling irons and hair straighteners.  Fantastic for the bathroom and craftrooms, too.

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When it comes to storing leftovers more efficiently…



Food Huggers are specifically designed to preserve the other half of fruits and veggies so you can enjoy them later. I polled my Facebook friends and found people use plastic baggies, tin foil, breakable glass bowls (which have no place in my full fridge), or nothing at all which means food dries out.  This is also designed by Canadian women, Adrienne McNicholas and Michelle Ivankovic, and was a big hit when they launched on Kickstarter.

*Available at

When it comes to staying connected for longer…



I don’t know anyone who can’t relate to the challenge of staying connected. You’re going about your day, getting around town, googling information, calling people, managing your email and your phone dies! Today’s phone batteries simply can’t keep up with the demands of today’s mobile life.  Everpurse is a purse that charges your phone. Essentially, rather than charging your phone, you charge the purse by leaving it on a charging pad overnight. The next day, the purse is charged and all you have to do is drop your phone in it in order for it to fully re-charge.

*Available at

When it comes to trying to butter that piece of bread with cold butter…



Ah, the age old problem of trying to butter bread with cold butter. We’ve all been there, shredding a piece of bread by trying to get the butter on smoothly. THAT! Inventions has solved the problem in an ingenious way – by using your own body heat. The `SpreadTHAT` knife has a food-safe titanium coating which conducts heat in seconds and melts butter so you can spread it easily.

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