Unique ways to display your digital photos

We use our smartphone cameras to capture every moment of our lives, but what do we do if we don’t want our memories to be left online?

Keep those memories alive with these digital photo display ideas from event planner Rebecca Wise.

Fleece Pillow


  • Price: starting at $29.99
  • Soft and velvety looking
  • Pillow cover is removable for easy, fade-free washing
  • Great for higher resolution pictures
  • A great way of incorporating your favourite artsy shots into your d├ęcor for a quick pop of colour
  • Fantastic idea for personalizing your kids’ rooms

iPhone Case


  • Price: $14.99—pretty much what it’d cost you to buy a generic case, but these ones mean so much more
  • Durable
  • With glossy printing
  • Can order day-of in stores
  • Can customize with family/friends photos but also with pattern or flower photos.

iPad Case


  • Price: $54.99
  • Hard aluminum back is anti-scratch
  • The super tough, high-quality case keeps your iPad safe from bumps and bruises

Accordion Photo Card


  • Price: $5.99
  • Easily made using the BLACKS app where you can choose photos right from your Instagram
  • Perfect “thank-you” card option: write a message and include some of your favourite photos from the event
  • Beautiful to display unfolded after you receive them—on the fridge or as part of a wall vignette

Magnetic Rope


  • Price: $12 for one; $20 for two, etc.
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Tiny, super strong magnets
  • Interchangeable and versatile

Photo Lunchbox


  • Price $35 USD
  • Customizable, versatile metal box
  • Can be used as a lunchbox, art supply box, toy box, jewelry box, make-up box or treasure chest
  • Great for birthday parties, corporate events, and special occasions

Pinch photo display


  • Price $13
  • Adheres to the wall using 3M technology 
  • Surprising way to feature photos of the week 
  • So versatile and an easy way to swap out new photos

The hangit photo display


  • Price $20
  • Plays up the vintage trend of using clothespins but with a professional look 
  • Can hang vertically or horizontally 
  • Mini clothespins are adorable!
  • Also easy to swap out photos - people now take thousands and thousands of photos a year, more photos than any previous generation combined

Metal Metallic Print


  • Price: $139.99 (16x24)
  • Metallic undertones show through the lighter colours in the image
  • Thin, light and durable sheet metal is easy to hang—comes with hanging hardware included but it’s also so light, you can hang it up with command strips

Photo Mosaic


  • Price: $208 USD for (16x20) Canvas Print | $148 USD for (16x20) Poster Print
  • Capture all of your photo memories in one incredible piece
  • Great for young people with thousands of photos
  • Can highlight one event or moment or it can be a lifetime of photos
  • Interesting talking piece

Instagram Canvases


  • Price: Starting at $29.99
  • Great as a stand-alone wall vignette
  • Canvas great for Instagram pictures—forgiving of lower resolution
  • Can group them as a square or any other shapes
  • Easy to re-arrange

Sports Poster


  • Price: $69 USD (11x14)
  • Turn your child into a professional sports star
  • It’s completely customizable – poster can be framed like a photo or mounted like a poster
  • Great to motivate young kids
  • Fully customizable shower curtain (touch-ups, colour to B/W, add text, etc.)
  • Polyester curtain is made to your specific size and fully printed
  • Sewn eyelets in top hem for hanging
  • Great way to personalize a bathroom or add a dramatic touch of design
  • Perfect for a modern aesthetic
  • Provides a beautiful pop of colour
  • Works great with black and white photos
  • Luxurious looking frames
  • Easy way to add a bit of glamour to any room in your home
  • It’s a unique way to showcase pictures
  • The hanging chains are as much of a design element as the actual photo

Photography courtesies: 
For more great tips from Rebecca, be sure to follow her on Twitter, and visit her website, EventWise.ca

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