New year, new 'do: the top haircuts of 2016

There's something about starting a brand new year with a brand new 'do. One of the easiest ways to do that is with a simple pair of scissors, so Matthew Collins stopped by to show off some of the hottest cuts of the year.

See below for more info on the cuts and be sure to watch the clip above for additional tips.



A lot of women have already fallen in love with the “LOB” (i.e. long bob) and are now looking for something to freshen up the look. This grungy fringe really adds something beautiful to this look. This style works well on most face shapes and works especially well on women who want to shorten a longer face shape.

What to ask for:
A very textured, slightly overgrown fringe 

To style:
  • Take a 1 inch round brush; place on the top of the fringe and then twist away from the center of the face on both sides to give a soft curtain movement
  • With the rest of the look, take inch by inch sections and quickly wrap around 1/2 inch barrel to create a soft undone movement. Then add a slight bit of an oil to the ends to have separation and shine. 
  • If left natural, just brush your hair out in the shower with the conditioner still in and then rise. Towel dry, but do not brush again!
  • Add a texture spray or serum and let dry, leaving the hair as untouched as possible until dry.



Short hair is poised to have a moment this year! This cut is for the person who wants to update their LOB, but by simply adding a different fringe, you completely change the look. This cut ideally wouldn't be on a square face shape, but most others will work; some face shapes will simply need a slight tweak of the fringe to make it work.

What to ask for:
You want to maintain this cut, or go for a blunt cut above the shoulders with a heavier “baby bang”. To nail this look, you need to have at least half an inch of space between your eyebrows and the frindge above. 

To style:
  • When straightening, make sure to not straighten the 2 inches near the root, if possible
  • Use a texture spray first in the roots and then dry it in and shake with finger; finally, spray it through the ends to add additional texture there. 
  • When drying the fringe, make sure to use a flat brush and from wet, blow dry it left to right repeatedly until it is dry.



This is a very long cut with extremely soft layering. Because all of this length is past the jaw it tends to work for almost every face shape but a long face. Everything is long so it elongates the face. 

What to ask for:
The way your stylist cuts the layers is very important; it must be cut short to long on the top area so it has maximum freedom and movement. Internal texture is important as well. Ask for minimal but soft layers with internal texture, without the use of texturizing scissors. 

To style:
  • It is best for this cut to look undone and effortless. 
  • Pre-curl with a 3/4 inch barrel, wrapping the hair around it slowly in large sections; but this alone will leave you with a look that's a little too fancy
  • To avoid this overly done look, brush out and grab a spray bottle filled with water. Spray hair from at least two feet away or, spray and walk into it. 
  • Finally, spritz the hair very lightly to give the curls a slightly undone look and a not-so-perfect texture, which is what you want

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