5 fun exercises for the whole family

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By: Dara Bergeron, founder of Belly Bootcamp
It's cold outside, kids are home from school, but it's too early in the day to start drinking wine… How about a fun family workout?
Here are five fun activities based on classic children's games to keep them busy and you fit!

ABC Drill

Here's your child's chance to boss YOU around, for a change. Face your little one and jog quickly on the spot. Designate one exercise for each letter and take turns calling out A, B & C and tripping each other up while you get a great cardio burst! (Suggested exercises: A: jump and double high-five; B: squat and touch the floor with both hands; C: trade places) Stop when you can't talk anymore!
Simon Says

Turn Simon Says into a workout by holding each “exercise” until the next is called out. For example, “Simon says jump on the spot,” “Simon says freeze in a squat,” “Simon says do jumping jacks,” then trick your little buddy with a “Stop!” and see if they can remember only to do what “Simon says.”
Card Flip
Use a regular pack of playing cards to randomize a zany workout. Designate an exercise for black cards and a second exercise for red cards (or 4 exercises assigned to the 4 suits for older kids or more variety). For example, assign pushups to red cards and jumping jacks to black cards. Flip cards one at a time on the floor, face up, and perform the number of reps & exercise on each card. Flip a red 8 and do 8 pushups. Flip a black Queen and do 10 jacks. Challenge yourselves to make it all the way through the deck!
Rock, Paper, Scissors

Raise the stakes with an exercise “punishment” for each round. Take turns with your little one deciding what the punishment will be – 10 jump squats, 10 jumping jacks, 10 pushups, a 10-second plank, or 10 frog jumps, for example. The winner of each round gets to rest while the “loser” performs the punishment exercise. For an extra challenge, agree to do the exercise for every round and maximize your workout time, while your child can earn a rest when she wins.  The winner of each round chooses the next punishment exercise!
Thumb War

A good thumb war can go on for quite some time (especially when mommy is trying to give her little opponent a fighting chance) – a perfect chance for squeezing in a great isometric exercise such as a squat hold or plank. Try a best three-out-of-five thumb wars challenge with five different isometric hold positions: squat, lunge left leg, lunge R leg, plank and single leg balance.

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